The most frequently asked question that people always want a yes / no answer to is: Does cannabis oil cure cancer?

The short answer that most people in the industry will give you, is an emphatic yes. Now that’s all good and well, but let’s be honest. The answer will most certainly always come from a salesperson – and we all know that salespeople will just about say and promise anything to get their product sold. The good news is, that with cannibis oil, the answer is in fact, an emphatic yes. Cannabis oil is at present, the helathiest choice in fighting cancer cells into remission. Most of the time. As with everything in life, results may vary. It depends on the person. It does not however, change the fact that cannabis oil is your best bet at fighting cancer and beating it into remission.


Before we talk of cannabis oil’s success stories, first you need to understand what it is.

Cannabis oil is the concentrated liquid extract of the Cannabis sativa, the cannabis or marijuana plant. It is a thick, green oily substance. (If it is brown in colour it is probably full of toxins and should be avoided). Cannabis plants produce thousands of compounds. The most well-known for their specific properties or uses, belong to a class called cannabinoids. There are different cannabinoid compounds, but the two most well-known, are THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, which means that this is the compound that makes people “high”. Despite being a psychoactive compound, THC still possesses medicinal traits.  CBD on the other hand has no psychoactive effects and is better known for its medicinal or healing properties. Both THC and CBD act on the human body’s natural cannabinoid receptors which are involved in many processes such as memory, pain, and appetite.

Cannabis oil goes by a number of confusing names, which include Marijuana oil, Cannabinoid oil, Hemp oil, Hash oil, Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), butane hash oil (BHO) or honey oil. These names can be confusing, especially since they do not refer to the same thing and are not in the same category. All of these can be considered as cannabis oil, but not as THC oil or CBD oil specifically. THC oil, CBD oil, or a combination of the two, should always tell you what the respective THC and CBD contents are. By extracting these THC and CBD cannabinoids to make cannabis oil, you get a higher concentration and a stronger effect for either recreational or medicinal purposes. Cannabis oils for medicinal purposes generally have a CBD content.

Okay, say the skeptics. CBD has been proven to help in certain ailments and diseases. BUT. Scientists still don’t know why it works. Is there even any proof?

The fact is that when cannabinoids are compared to modern medicine, modern medicine has the edge in terms of medical and clinical studies performed over a very long time. But that is where their competitive edge ends. Cannabis oil has only been clinically tested on cancer patients over the last couple of years, but the results have already been staggering – no matter what big pharmaceutical companies are saying. Their objections and criticism of cannabis oil, comes purely from a competitive stand point. They are going to lose millions… And this is why. You want proof? Here it is:

At the World Health Organization’s Thirty Ninth Meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, held at Geneva, between 6-10 November 2017, a report was compiled and presented on Cannabidiol (CBD). You can download a copy of the report here.

We also have more specific details and excerpts from this report and other studies on our Home Page. Besides these important findings, you can always refer to the numerous testimonials on YouTube of people who claim that Cannabis oil / CBD Oil, not only helped them alleviate the symptoms of cancer, but it in some cases helped regress and even cure cancer.

We sincerely hope that our website can help inform people about cannabis oil / CBD oil and that our products can help people live their lives to its full potential!


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